Head of Operations


As our Head of Operations (m/f/d) you are responsible for flexible, efficient and scalable processes. Alongside our Head of Talent and the managing partners, the Head of Operations (m/f/d) ensures a fast-paced working environment, where our employees have the right means of work and the right information at the right time to achieve our business goals. Join us in our vision of making cancer misdiagnosis a thing of the past – sample by sample.

Functional responsibilities:

• You organize, synchronize, and support the daily operations of our company, ensuring inveox is well coordinated, productive and scaleable by managing its procedures
• You consult, align, visualize and implement company and functional processes, conferring with Managing Partners, Heads of Functions and staff members as necessary
• You continuously evaluate efficiency of business procedures according to organizational objectives (OKRs) and strive for improvement of our processes (KPIs)
• You ensure all business operations are executed in alignment with quality, legal and regulatory requirements
• You own all our business IT Systems (ERP, CRM, Project Management, Business Intelligence, etc.), as well as our IT systems and hardware and ensure the fit to the organizational needs
• You are up to date with tools such as process mining, robotic process automation (RPA) and others and are able to leverage them to accelerate our business operations

Leadership responsibilities:

• You lead, manage and control business operations within the function Operations
• You enable and develop talent according to the identified career path and skill gaps
• You choose top-notch employees for your function
• You are responsible for the OKR setting on the functional level and for your direct lines
• You engage with other functions and heads to meet our company OKR
• You continously improve the processes and KPIs owned by Operations
• You translate the company vision and strategy into tactical plans and actions
• You define, challenge and constantly adopt the target picture of your function in alignement with other functions 
• You are the representative of the function and inveox towards external parties (events etc.) as an industry known expert for your field 
ab 30 bis 50 Jahre
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